We assume that vaccinations are “disease killers.” But can vaccinations actually harm our pets? John Clifton,editor of the popular e-newsletter Canine Cancer Monthly, says research proves that shots can trigger serious illness in dogs, especially cancer — and that 1 out of every 2 dogs today will get cancer.

Clifton found out first-hand about the potential health hazards of inoculations and immunizations when his dog “Sparky” was diagnosed with cancer several years ago.

This guest says most pet vaccinations are unnecessary and potentially lethal.
Clifton discusses what every pet owner should know to avoid over-vaccinating such as:

• Why dogs should never receive more than one shot at a time.

• What to say to your veterinarian if you suspect he/she is over-vaccinating.

• Why your pet may be unnecessarily vaccinated for an easily curable illness.

• How vaccinations weaken an animal’s immune system and open the way for cancer.

• Why vets should first perform a “titers test” on your pet to determine if a booster shot is necessary.

Clifton talks about natural health remedies for your pet that boost the immune system and protect against cancer.

Find out why broccoli, fish oil, nuts, beans and lentils, carrots and a common kitchen spice help prevent canine cancer. More importantly: find out the Top 10 unhealthy foods for your pet.

CREDENTIALS: John Clifton reports on the latest medical news and opinions of experts in the realm of canine cancer. He is the co-author of SPARKY FIGHTS BACK: A Little Dog’s Big Battle Against Cancer. He has appeared on hundreds of radio stations across the country with Sparky who is now in his sixth year of remission from an “incurable” cancer and has not had a single vaccination in over five years.

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