Stop the Shots! 
   Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?

"Easy for any pet owner to comprehend. . . Any veterinarian who is routinely recommending annual boosters obviously isn't getting the information presented in our professional literature - maybe they can understand this book."
 Gary VanEngelenburg, DVM, TV's popular "Dr. Van" 

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"Disease Fighters?" Or "Disease Inviters?"

Stop the Shots! : Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?, by John Clifton. Foley Square Books, 104 pages, Illustrated.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the veterinarian's office to have your pet re-vaccinated, along comes John Clifton's book, basically hollering "Whoa! - just a minute!!"

Apparently, the general consensus of experts regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for your dog or cat has changed radically since you last looked - and your vet may not be telling you about it.

This compact little volume (104 pages set in large type) may seem a little slim, but the information inside is astonishingly comprehensive and easily understood. While books on pet health are largely written by veterinarians in "medicalese," often difficult going, this one is mercifully in plain English - conversational, like getting advice from your big brother.

If you think vaccines are magic bullets with no downside, think again. According to the author, we now know that vaccinations actually lower the immune system for a time, paving the way for all sorts of possible maladies - from allergies to cancer - to get a toehold.

Did you know that it's now the custom to give certain cat vaccinations in the creature's hind legs? You want to know why? Well, so that, if the animal gets cancer at the site of the injection, the leg can be conveniently amputated!

Clifton, not a veterinarian himself, isn't making it up. Nor is he on a rampage to abolish all shots. He's simply reflecting the facts, based on studies and the opinions of medical experts, immunologists and local vets working "down in the trenches." And, despite the imperious-sounding title, the information is balanced when there are conflicting points of view.

And, as in a good owners manual, practical instructions are given simply and logically. For example, to help you tailor a vaccination plan for your pet's particular needs, you are taken through a series of yes-or-no questions. ("Will you be boarding your dog with other animals? No? Then omit shots for kennel cough. . .")

It's hard to see why any pet caretaker, if at all care-taking, could avoid getting this potentially lifesaving book and keeping it around.

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Most pet owners aren't aware of the dangers in animal vaccinations that have been discovered in recent years. In this compact, easy-to-understand volume, John Clifton explains the very real risks involved every time a dog or cat gets a shot. The major veterinary associations now agree that vaccinations can trigger all sorts of maladies, from allergies to cancer - but most pet caretakers (and many veterinarians, it seems) haven't gotten the word.

This is an important book for every pet owner to read. In a conver-
sational, direct, non-technical voice it guides the reader in formulating an intelligent approach to animal vaccinations.  Clifton lays out all the major issues: whether to vaccinate or not, which shots to give and which to avoid, how to know if and when a shot should be repeated. And, importantly, the risks in over-vaccinating.

Holistic as well as orthodox medical opinions are presented. Despite the title, readers are not advised flat out to abandon vaccinations. Rather, they are encouraged to learn about the risks and benefits - and "stop the shots"  until they are fully informed.


STOP THE SHOTS! - Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? 

Category: Pets/Health
Author: John Clifton
Copyright 2006

Publisher:  Foley Square Books,
                 New York
Distributor: Ingram
Publication date: December 1, 2006

Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 104


Cover Price: $8.95 US

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