John and his Australian terrier Sparky - a survivor of lymphoma, now in his ninth year of remission. Sparky has not had a vaccination since the year 2000.


What I've learned from writing this book is that there are two types of pet owners. Those in the first group ("A") are pretty much aware of the dangers and risks associated with vaccinating dogs and cats. They've heard the issues, and guide themselves accordingly when making those crucial decisions about which vaccines to give and which not, and how often (if ever) to repeat (boost) the shots. They know what titer tests are; they're aware of adjuvants and preservatives.

Members of the other group ("B") simply don't have a clue. They assume that all vaccinations are fine and are blithely unconcerned. They get those "Annual Booster Time" cards from their vets and hurry in for all those repeat shots.

Group "A" people are typically frustrated that the message isn't getting through to Group "B." They fervently want to spread the word to all dog and cat owners. They're like bystanders trying to warn a passing train that the upcoming bridge is down, desperately waving flags at the oblivious engineer. I can't tell you how many (Group "A") breeders and veterinarians have said "thank you" to me just for writing this little book. Many, many, are providing copies to their new puppy and kitten buyers.

Unfortunately, I find that there are many more owners in Group "B" than Group "A."

If Stop the Shots! helps get the message out, resulting in fewer vaccine-related diseases and deaths, I will feel well gratified. You can learn more about the book and the pet vaccination issue at the book's Web site: . Breeders and veterinarians can find options there on buying copies in quantity for their clients.

Wishing you and your pets good health,

           John Clifton








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John Clifton, a prominent advocate for owner involve-
ment in the health of their pets, co-authored
Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog's Big Battle Against Cancer, which became an Amazon best-seller. 

As a follow-up to that book, Clifton and his wife and writing partner Josée Clerens founded an e-zine to update readers on new  discoveries and techniques for curing cancer in dogs. This publication, Fighting Back: Canine Cancer Monthly is now in its second year online.

Mr. Clifton (and sometimes Sparky) have made guest appearances on hundreds of television and radio programs across the country warning pet caretakers about the dangers to their pets' health and advising them on how to protect dogs and cats from cancer and other diseases.

He has also had a long and varied career as a theatrical composer and lyricist, musical arranger, graphic artist, writer and educator.

John, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, lives with his wife Josée and their dog Sparky in New York City.


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by Josée Clerens and John Clifton

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