“A very comprehensive look at both the pros and cons of vaccinating” 
                                                                   — Beatrice Ehrsam, DVM

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Julia  Szabo - Columnist, New York Post and Fetchdog.com     May 2008

"If it were a magazine article, it would be one of the most important on health you'd ever want to clip, save, and pin to the fridge with magnets. "

The title of this book is certainly an attention-getter, and it's meant to be. The author edits the online newsletter Fighting Back: Canine Cancer Monthly and is well acquainted with the subject of dogs and cancer because Sparky, his Australian Terrier, is a survivor.

So, why not a book about beating cancer? Because a) Clifton wrote that book already, and b) some vaccinations have been linked to the appearance of certain canine cancers.  . . .

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Midwest Book Review      April 14, 2007

Enthusiastically recommended for animal owners and would-be owners

Despite its title, Stop the Shots!: Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? does not advocate stopping all pet vaccinations, and especially does not recommend stopping all vaccinations that protect from the most widespread and deadly infections like rabies, parvovirus and canine distemper for dogs, and panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis/calcivirus for cats. Yet award-finalist author and pet lover John Clifton logically and rationally argues against so-called conventional wisdom . . .

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Optimum Choices      January 2007

"Book of the Month - If you love your pet and want it to live a long, healthy life, we highly recommend you read this book."

In [a previous article], we talked about "Less is More" or how giving too much stuff or too many treatments to our pets does not always benefit them. This book talks about how giving too many vaccinations can be harmful to our pets. Despite the title . . .

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Dianne Sever - Owner/Co-founder of Just Say No to Vaccines e-community    

"Clear, concise and fact based "

Thank you, John Clifton, for putting into a book the message many of us have been working so diligently to convey to the average pet owner—one dog at a time. Through your efforts we will reach millions more! I am more than impressed . . .

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Christina Chambreau, DVM  - Author of Healthy Animal's Journal

"Your animals are begging you to buy, read and implement this book - today. "

Finally, a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person who loves animals and wants to do the best they can to keep their companions, patients, and customers healthy for many long years.  John Clifton's book is articulate, easy to read, accurate, well organized, current and full of love . . . 

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Steven Diller  - Author of Dogs and Their People: Choosing and Training the Best Dog for You

"An important volume, one that was sorely needed "

The information is right on. While thoughtful vaccination protocols may be helpful for pets, thoughtless over-vaccination may clearly cost them their lives. I found this book to be well researched and balanced . . .

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Gary VanEngelenburg, DVM  - TV's "Dr. Van"

"Easy for any pet owner to comprehend"

“Mr. Clifton does a really good job of presenting the facts in an easy-to-read book that is also easy for any pet owner to comprehend . . .

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Amazon Reader Reviews  - Samples from Amazon.com

"A MUST READ"  April 6, 2007 Reviewer: Mrs. J. Whiteley 

An easy to read, informative book that should be compulsory reading for all pet owners.

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"Every pet owner needs to read this!"

If you think vaccines are magic bullets with no downside, think again. According to the author, vaccinations actually lower the immune system for a time, paving the way for all sorts of possible maladies - from allergies to cancer - to get a toehold. Every pet owner needs to read this!

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Paw Prints  - A Publication of Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.

"I suspected that over vaccination may have triggered her cancer. After reading Stop the Shots!, I believe it even more." 

The author of Stop the Shots! points out that over 50% of serious dog diseases happen within 90 days of the dog’s vaccination. When I lost one of my special dogs two years ago, I suspected that over vaccination may have triggered her cancer. After reading Stop the Shots!, I believe it even more. . . 

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      Stop the Shots!  "very well may well save your pet's life!"

                                                -  Steven Diller, author of "Dogs and Their People"

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