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PETCO 'Low Cost' vaccinations (given in association with Luv My Pet clinics www.luvmypet.com) flagrantly violate recommended practices of major veterinary associations, leading immunologists and professionals in the field, according to John Clifton, pet health advocate.  Clifton,  author of "Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?" advises all dog and cat owners to avoid PETCO vaccinations and educate themselves on the dangers of over-vaccinating before permanent damage is done to their pets in the name of corporate profit.

"This type of wholesale vaccinating -- giving combination shots for four, five, even six diseases at once -- overloads an animal's immune system, paving the way for cancer, allergies, and a host of other diseases. They are UNSAFE AT
ANY COST," he claims.  "There is not a single recognized authority that recommends this outrageous practice."

Guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners all advise against automatic "annual booster shots" for almost all diseases.  PETCO's policy (www.petco.com) appears to be automatically boosting every shot every year, and some every six months.

Rabies Guidelines Disregarded

Immunology experts and virtually all schools of veterinary medicine in the U.S. recommend that rabies shots be given at least one month after and one month before any other vaccination.  PETCO advertises that if a customer buys a "package" of four or more shots, they will include a free rabies shot given on the same visit. "I know many veterinarians who call this 'malpractice'" says Clifton. "Many consider over-vaccinating to be the leading cause of cancer in our pets."

A PETCO employee, who prefers to remain anonymous, was threatened with dismissal:

"I've been trying to educate Petco on vaccines for years now. I first learned of their 'program' when I took a position with their local store as a department manager. I was able to make the facts known in that particular store because our general manager agreed with me. 

However, when the district manager decided to investigate why our store's vaccine sales were so low compared to other stores, he discovered that myself and my staff were advising people against vaccinating. They were NOT happy campers! They threatened to fire us all for hindering their sales."  (Quoted from unsolicited email to Clifton)

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