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"A MUST READ"  April 6, 2007 Reviewer: Mrs. J. Whiteley 

An easy to read, informative book that should be compulsory reading for all pet owners.

"EXCELLENT"  March 8, 2007 Reviewer: Piper Storm (Virginia)

A must read!!! This book doesn't take sides, it just presents the facts. I recommend it to any pet owners wanting to make informed decisions concerning the health and well-being of their pets. I've already passed it on

"Easy style describes difficult situation"  March 6, 2007 Reviewer: C. A. Filecco (Terryville, CT)

This book is a MUST read! I had the pleasure of being a vet tech for seven years under an "old school" veterinarian who NEVER PUSHED UNNEEDED VACCINES. Unfortunately, when he retired I was left to work for his two "new school" colleagues who pushed vaccines, experimental medications/anesthetics, used brute force instead of psychology. I was in the front line when injection-site sarcomas were being tracked by the AAHA (right rear rabies!)...I've seen animals "crash" after vaccines (especially cats and ferrets). I've also seen how "old" vets treated vaccines (prevention) and how "new" vets now treat vaccines ($$- it's a business). Sad. Very Sad. READ THIS BOOK...while it's not a pedagogical text on immunology and vaccines, it is an easy read for the non-technical that has a great reference section and will provide the caring pet owner with food for thought.

"If you own a pet you need this book!!"  February 16, 2007 Reviewer: C. Reynolds "duck lady" (Murrieta, Calif.) 

Now everything is starting to make sense!! Why my Schnauzer got cancer at the age of five and died. Why my friends Maltese die of Encephalitis at a very young age and why so many dogs I know of are getting Lupus, Kidney and Liver diseases!! Just to name a few! I have purchased several copies of this book and have handed them out to anyone who has shown an interest. This is an easy to read book and even the lamest of laymen can understand the very important points of this book. Just stop and think about it. How can a 7 in one vaccine given to a 6 week old baby pup improve it's immune system?!!! After reading this book I will NEVER vaccinate my pets again!! Now with that said this may not be the case for you and Mr. Clifton points that out. However I do feel we all for the most part over vaccinate our pets if we follow most Veterinarian advise. After reading this book you will know what's best for you and your pet. An absolute must read for every pet owner!!

"Stop the Shots"  February 12, 2007 Reviewer: T. Jensen (Campbell, CA) 

An excellent resource that helps dog owners make informed and responsible choices before vaccinating their dogs and exposing them to unnecessary risks.

"Wish I Had this Book 10 Years Ago" January 13, 2007 Reviewer: H. Kaplan

Having had many cats and one wonderful Golden retriever, who, I am now convinced died of bone cancer prematurely, I wish I had known the information John Clifton has compiled for the book STOP THE SHOTS. I'm sure I would have been able to spend more time with many of my pets and now regret my diligence in taking them in for their yearly vaccinations. I and my current pet cat, Fredo, thank you for your well organized and concise book. I am buying an additional copy for my close friend who runs a pet sitting service and know that she will also spread the word.

"A must for every dog and/or cat owner"  January 4, 2007 Reviewer: Lieselotte Bayer 

In my opinion a must for every dog and/or cat owner. The book is written so everyone can understand it easily. In addition I had the pleasure to be in e-mail contact with the author, who answered two more questions that I had, concerning my dog's health in a very pleasant and professional manner. Thank you so much, John Clifton!!!

"Absolutely Stunned"  January 4, 2007  Reader, Greensboro, NC (Reprinted by author with the writer's permission)

Dear John, I am almost done reading your book, and I am absolutely stunned to hear what damage shots can do to our animals!!! I had a Basset Hound who suffered from allergies many years and got bombarded left and right with medication and shots. Not only did the allergies get worse instead of better, exactly 3 weeks after his yearly shots he was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. Three months of chemotherapy made him so sick that I decided it was time to let him go.

5 months ago I got a new puppy from the Humane Society (now 11 months old), so your book came just in time to prevent any damage. To my surprise, my vet office told me that he needs a Bordetella shot every 6 months! I told them that my dog is not in a kennel so therefore cannot get a (Bordetella) cough...

I am sure that a lot of people will benefit from your great book, especially dog lovers like us, who truly have the best intentions in mind, don't hesitate to pay the cost of the vet, "THINKING" that they are helping their pets, when the opposite is true.

Thank you for your wonderful research.






"Stop the Shots!
Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?"

John Clifton

Foley Square Books
January 2007


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