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Stop the Shots! - Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?

Pet Vaccination Dangers


Most pets today are being given too many vaccinations too often. Many caretakers are unaware of the known risks inherent in vaccines. Studies upon studies have been performed that show the very real dangers in over-vaccinating and the risks involved every time a pet gets a shot.


    But the word is not getting out. Dogs and cats continue to be over-vaccinated, resulting in compromised immune systems, serious diseases and (more often than you might imagine) death.


    John Clifton, pet advocate and award-finalist author, thoroughly researched the topic, devoting a year to this single subject. He was amazed to find that all the major animal health organizations – such as the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners –  have recently issued guidelines emphasizing the need to minimize rather than maximize vaccines. The risks range from simple allergies to cancer to terminal shock.


    But most veterinarians are not following the guidelines of their own professional literature!


    Mr. Clifton's stated mission is to spread the word to every pet owner in the hopes of preserving the health and saving the lives of our beloved animal companions. This is not a marginal issue. A search on Google for pet vaccination dangers will return tens of thousands of links on this topic. Here is a sample site, written by veterinarians.

    So many devoted pet lovers, believing they are dutifully doing the very best for their pets, discover the truth too late. They're devastated to learn that giving all those unnecessary vaccines ("just to be safe!") and  annual "booster" shots has resulted in tragedy.


    The result of Mr. Clifton's work, and the work of countless researchers, is encapsulated in this little volume –  very easily read and understood by all. It is not an "anti-vaccine" book, but a balanced look at the facts. Once armed with the information in this book, you can make the best decisions for yourself and your pet.


    We urge you to read this book as soon as possible – certainly before your next vaccination appointment with your veterinarian.


"A very comprehensive look at
 both the pros and cons of vaccinating"

— Beatrice Ehrsam, DVM
"The Vet at the Barn," NY

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  • Vaccinations can CAUSE diseases.

  • Vaccines do NOT improve the immune  system.

  • Annual "booster shots" are a BAD idea.

  • Many breeders choose NO VACCINATIONS!

  • Many blame pet ALLERGIES on shots.

  • Shots can trigger CANCER.


"Finally, a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person who loves animals and wants to do the best they can to keep their companions, patients, and customers healthy for many long years.  John Clifton's book is articulate, easy to read, accurate, well organized, current and full of love.  Your animals are begging you to buy, read and implement this book - TODAY.  In my 30 years of holistic practice and lecturing to thousands of veterinarians and animal guardians I can say categorically that vaccines have caused extensive long term harm and animal suffering for susceptible animals.  I applaud the conventional researchers recommendations for fewer vaccines and encourage everyone to give very few to no vaccines. 
— Christina Chambreau, DVM,  Homeopathic veterinarian and author of Healthy Animal's Journal

"The information is right on —
— well-researched and balanced. I sincerely hope that the general public can easily access this book, as it very well may SAVE THEIR PET'S LIFE. . .An important volume, one that was sorely needed in the pet community"
— Steven Diller, Author of Dogs and Their People:  Choosing and Training the Best Dog for You


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"If it were a magazine article, it would be one of the most important on health you'd ever want to clip, save, and pin to the fridge with magnets. "

 ...Clifton makes it simple for the rest of us, providing such important information as how vaccines work, the difference between "live virus" and "killed" vaccines, an explanation of titers, and why only vets — NOT pet-shop personnel — should administer inoculations. Clifton is not opposed to all vaccinations; his goal, he writes, is not to turn readers against their vets, but to be their pets' first line of defense against potentially fatal over-vaccination.
The book is short and easy to read, from its large typeface to its concise, clearly-outlined chapters... "
—  Julia Szabo, Columnist, New York Post

"Enthusiastically recommended...

Award-finalist author and pet lover John Clifton logically and rationally argues against so-called conventional wisdom, such as vaccinating against diseases that pets will never be exposed to...or the use of annual booster shots. Chapters discuss how vaccines work, the health detriments to over-vaccination such as increased risk of pet cancer or curtailment of the pet's immune system's ability to naturally fight off diseases, factors to keep in mind when deciding when the proper time is for a booster shot, and much more." 
—  Midwest Book Review


"Mr. Clifton does a really good job of presenting the facts in an easy-to-read book that is also easy for any pet owner to comprehend. I hope all pet owners read this book and then take a copy to their veterinarian."
— Gary VanEngelenburg, DVM, TV's popular "Dr. Van


"This book is a MUST read! I had the pleasure of being a vet tech for seven years under an "old school" veterinarian who NEVER PUSHED UNNEEDED VACCINES. Unfortunately, when he retired I was left to work for his two "new school" colleagues who pushed vaccines, experimental medications/anesthetics, used brute force instead of psychology. I was in the front line when injection-site sarcomas were being tracked by the AAHA (right rear rabies!)...I've seen animals "crash" after vaccines (especially cats and ferrets). I've also seen how "old" vets treated vaccines (prevention) and how "new" vets now treat vaccines ($$- it's a business). Sad. Very Sad. READ THIS BOOK...while it's not a pedagogical text on immunology and vaccines, it is an easy read for the non-technical that has a great reference section and will provide the caring pet owner with food for thought."

— C. A. Filecco,
Reader Review


"I am more than impressed!!!
Clifton successfully and gently guides the reader through the intricacies of the process of vaccination while at the same time conveying an easily understood "picture" of the natural power that is the immune system.  Through it all he somehow still keeps this complex topic easy to follow for the pet owner.  In terms and analogies that are both effective, and CORRECT, he encourages the reader to venture outside the proverbial box.  His message is clear, concise and fact based.
This is the handy little book we breeders have been longing for and will be adding to our puppy buyers' required reading list. I urge everyone here to order their copy today.  This book is a must have in any pet lover's home library."
— Dianne Sever
Owner/Co-founder of "Just Say No to Vaccines" e-community" and "Holistic Groomer" e-community...
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     OR CAT:         

           DON'T VACCINATE until you read
           this book!

John Clifton, co-author of Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog's Big Battle Against Cancer (DWAA book award finalist 2006) and Editor of Fighting Back: Canine Cancer Monthly tells you -

- all you need to know about vaccinating and NOT vaccinating your pet.

- how to tailor a plan for YOUR pet.

- what LEADING VETERINARY ORGANIZATIONS are saying about pet vaccination dangers.

- what  your veterinarian may NOT tell you!

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  Report: PETCO Vaccinations Disregard Guidelines

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